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MCISDlogoBoard members present: Oscar Martinez, Raymond R. Longoria, Patty Bazaldua, James E. Olivarez, Dr. Sonia M. Treviño, J.C. Avila.

The policy committee meeting consisted of a review of 14 local policies that are being updated or deletedto reflect changes in state regulations, personnel, and procedures. They will be considered for a first read­ing at the Board of Trustees meeting of August 14. Adoption of the changes is anticipated in September.

The curriculum committee was informed of a brief public hearing that will take place on August 14 just before the regular board meeting regarding the district’s optional flexible school day program. This allows the Mission Options Academy to offer students there the schedule flexibility many of them need in order to attend school, and meet their family/work responsibilities. Committee members reviewed a request to ap­prove the purchase of College Entrance Examination Board (Springboard) for grades 6-12. The goal is to increase the rigor and better prepare students for college and careers in English Language Arts and Math. The estimated cost is $278,716. The committee was also presented with a request to renew the district’s annual license for the CSCOPE Core. Since CSCOPE will not include the lessons as before, the pricing has been reduced to $5 per ADA for an estimated cost of $72,050.

The finance committee meeting consisted primarily of a review of the items that will be considered by the Board of Trustees at their next meeting. The committee reviewed a request to approve the resale of eleven properties. This would allow them to be placed back on the tax rolls. The board will be asked to approve a request to disclaim any interest in some property the U.S. government was interested in. At issue was a very old property tax related claim by an education district that has not existed for many years. The committee was presented with final recommendations from the recent TASB comprehensive compensation plan review. This part of the study deals primarily with proposed equity adjustments for positions that were found to be paid below current market values. A list of candidates was provided for the committee to consider from the Region One area for representation at the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB). Approval of an in­terlocal agreement with the McAllen Regional Day School Program will help the district provide appropriate services for hearing impaired students. An interlocal agreement with Hidalgo County Project Stop Truancy on Patrol for the coming school year will cost $32,556. Project STOP is administered through the Hidalgo County Precinct Number Three Constable’s Office. Administration is requesting approval of computer ser­vices through Region One at a cost of $207,416. The computer services are accessed by every campus and department for finance, budget, requisitions, work orders, assets management, payroll and personnel. A request for membership in the Region One Library and Media Cooperative entitles the district’s schools to services that support their libraries. The cost is $48,608. Administration presented the annual internal audit plan for the coming school year. This provides the schedule of audit services to be used by the internal auditor. The committee reviewed a request to approve the property and casualty insurance carrier for the 2013-2014 school year. After going through a request for proposal process, Carlise Insurance/PCAT is be­ing recommended at a cost of $872,201. The committee reviewed the following bid recommendations: pest control services contract, Tip of Texas Pest Control, estimated cost of $29,900; AC filter and filter media, Texas Filter Service, estimated cost of $63,600; Fuel and oil is recommended for line item approval to sev­eral companies, estimated cost of $416,300. Cash donation total $1,154. Non-Cash donations total $915. Tax related collections reported for the month of June total $649,351. A memorandum of understanding with the Hidalgo County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program will provide services for students

expelled for discretionary reasons. The Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS) timelines and list of proposed appraisers were presented to the committee. Administration is requesting approval of the chair and co-chair for the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC). The SHAC is proposing Genevieve Rodolfo as the group’s chair, and Marisela Gonzalez as the co-chair.

The facilities committee meeting consisted of a mixture of construction updates and items that will be con­sidered by the board at the meeting of August 14. Board members will be asked to approve a change order for additional days and the reinstallation of some canopies associated with the new Ag building at Veterans Memorial High School. Officials said the build is complete and equipment is being delivered and installed. Architects for the MEP repairs at R. Cantu Jr. High School said they are about 85% complete and should have all work done before the first day of school. The new cafeteria under construction at Waitz Elementary School is on schedule. Without any delay days, the project’s target date is September 25. Students will use the existing cafeteria until the new building is ready for occupancy. Many of the roofing projects in the district are done, or very close to being completed. The committee was presented with several roof-related change proposal requests. Two of the requests are for additional delay days. Unexpected corrosion issues are prompting a change request to replace a “Z” bar involved in the Cantu Elementary School roofing proj­ect. The estimated cost would be $17,800 and would come from the project contingency fund. There is also a request to apply roofing for canopies that are currently being enclosed at Cantu Elementary School at a cost of $29,700. Design work is being finalized for the ramp enclosure project planned at Leal Elementary School. Design work also continues for a master plan at the Joe Correa Ag Farm. A final design plan review is underway to provide a new driveway and parking area for the Ag Farm. The ramp enclosure project at Cantu Elementary School is progressing. The board will consider a request for additional days for the Cantu project and a change order for additional fire extinguishers that are being required by the Alton Fire Marshal. Officials said the ramp enclosure projects at Mims Elementary School and O’Grady Elementary School hit a snag when door frames and windows were not delivered on time. Officials anticipated their arrival within days. Change orders are being requested for the Mims and O’Grady projects to provide additional concrete landings and for a credit back to the district. The Drainage improvement project at Veterans Memorial High School has been completed. Final closeout approvals and paperwork for the drainage work will be presented to the board at the next meeting. The new field house under construction at Mission High School has hit a snag. Officials reported a sudden rise in the water table in the foundation area and are investigating the source. District officials instructed the construction to be halted until the source is determined. Construc­tion officials said they have developed plans to address the groundwater issues regardless of the source. Plans are still being developed for Mission Collegiate High School. Additional days are being requested for the completion of the Veterans Memorial High School Field House, due to rains in July. There was quite a bit of discussion over issues DK III Hornback is having regarding payment to a subcontractor on the VMHS field house job. Committee members expressed their displeasure with the situation and how the district’s name was being dragged into a contract dispute between the contractor and his subcontractor. At this time, the district has no recourse in the matter. However, committee members indicated that if the matter is not resolved by the time the project is completed, it could result in a delay for final payment to the contractor by the district under the rules of the district’s contract. Plans for the construction of parking lots at the Mis­sion High School softball field and the visitors side of Tom Landry Stadium are ready for board approval. There was a wide-ranging discussion regarding the phase three of renovations at Mission High School. The architect for the project indicated estimated costs have been rising over the last few years to the point that the existing budget will no longer provide for what the campus and district would really like to accomplish at MHS. The committee members all agreed that they wanted to do what was in the best interest of the campus. They also indicated that once the new superintendent arrives, discussions can be held to further explore options for the project.

Board Highlights is designed to be a brief review of actions taken by the Mission CISD Board of Trustees. It is not, nor should it be considered official minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting(s). This summary was prepared by staff of Mission CISD.

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