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MISSION—The approval of scope of work and budget for the Mission High School Phase III renovation project was decided at the Mission Consolidated Independent School board meeting on April 10. After months of discussion over proposed MHS changes the board is moving forward with a new scope of work and entering negotiations with ERO Architects.

Under the 2008 bond, the MHS construction project was budgeted at $18,387,424 with a construction budget of $14.4 million, according to MCISD Executive Director of Maintenance/ Facilities/ Construction Rick Rivera.

The original scope of work for the project only included renovation items like re-roofing and lighting upgrades.

“If we vote on the scope of work to include new buildings, that’s different from the original scope of work…which was just renovations,” MCISD board member James E. Olivarez said. “I want to make sure we fully understand what we are voting on.”

Rivera explained the new scope of work would include: a new entrance for Mission High School, possibly tearing down building M and N and building a new structure to house those classrooms, possibly tearing down building J and working with the current kitchen/cafeteria structure to create a cafetorium.

He added these were all ideas that had been brought forward. The new scope of work would include a combination of renovations and new structures.

Board President Sonia M. Treviño said the clarification of the budget and scope of work should have been done at the beginning of the project, prior to paying ERO Architects just over $634,000 for a baseline study the board did not approve.

“Was a scope of work ever voted upon by this board? No it was not,” Treviño said. “And was the budget ever voted upon by this board? No.”

An additional $10 million was reassigned to the project officially in November 2012. Treviño asked Rivera if he recalled the board approving the baseline study or the budget at its new total. He replied he recalled discussion but did not remember voting on it.

“It’s our fault. At the end of it, if we are going to say it was they or we, it is still our fault,” Board member Oscar Martinez said. “We have to take the beating, we need to move forward already. I don’t know why we keep bringing this up.”

Olivarez explained his concern was with the scope of work, if the board did not approve the change in work the construction budget would stay at its original total of $14.5 million. Trevino said there were still issues with the amount of money given to ERO Architects for the baseline study.

Manuel Hinojosa with ERO Architects explained 40 years of construction were evaluated in their study, he added it was an assessment of information the district could use in the future.

Board member Raymond R. Longoria said the high price of the study could have been attributed to a lack of blue prints and information about the campus. Rivera said the study also included an assessment of an entire chiller system that was very extensive.

The complete board approved the new scope of work, and also gave approval to enter into negotiations with ERO Architects at six percent.

Field House, Press Box Projects

The board also gave approval to enter into negotiations with Rigney Construction over the Mission High School Field House project. Administration was directed to move on to the next firm in the ranked proposals if there were issues in the negotiating process.

An addition of 10 asphalt parking spaces for the Veterans Memorial High School Field House Project was approved at a total of $13,176.

A contract was approved with Rick Hinojosa Structural Engineering for design, development and administration for renovations of the Tom Landry Stadium Press Box project. Rivera explained these plans are solely for renovation of the existing building, there will be no additions or new buildings.

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