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“I have lived on Lucky J. Street for 26 years and have not needed any services provided by the city. The county takes care of us and we do not need to pay taxes for the city of Mission to get services we do not need.” Those words, which drew a round of applause from many seated in the audience, were from Jesse Sanchez who spoke in opposition of the planned annexation of land north of Mile 3 Road on Moorefield Road in the Monday, Nov. 13, meeting of the Mission City Council.

The City of Mission proposes to annex 579 acres comprised of six different tracts of land, ranging in size from 10 to 233 acres. The tracts all lie on the west side of the current Mission city limits, and much of the land in question is bordered by Schuerbach Road or Moorefield Road. The first of two public hearings on the proposed annexation was held Monday.

Sanchez went on to say that the subdivision where he lives is in a low-income colonia and many of the residents simply could not afford more taxes because they are barely getting by.

Sanchez later told the Progress Times that he had watched a video on colonias on television and then done some research that showed Hidalgo County was the third poorest county in the United States. Approximately 85 percent of the residents live under the poverty level. While taxes continue to rise, incomes of the residents are not rising. Sanchez plans to go door-to-door to get a petition that will oppose annexation.

Mayor Beto Salinas spoke, saying he had been getting requests for annexation because there was a need for police protection in the area. He also said street lights would be provided and sewer would be extended to the area.

Several other residents spoke in opposition to the annexation. Lisa Helle questioned what services the residents would receive in the area to be annexed. Would there be a fire department located nearby? She said she does not need extra taxes.

Jaime Mata, who owns five acres in the area, said he is content with the services he has. He does not want the city telling him what to do or complaining because his music is too loud. His tract is mostly brushland and he does not want the city telling him what to do with it. He said the city would be long on promises and short on delivery of services.

Ella Hernandez said her land had 18-wheelers parked on it and she did not want the city telling her to move them.

Concepcion Ayala owns over eight acres that she considers a nature preserve. She also owns horses and wanted to know if the city would make her get rid of them.

Another resident said he favored the police protection and felt the neighborhood would be safer, but his wife said they live on one income because he is disabled and she cannot afford more taxes.

Jose Alaniz told the council they needed to distribute flyers in the area, telling residents about the services they would receive if the annexation is successful. He felt if residents knew what they would get for their tax dollars most would not be so opposed to annexation.

Mayor Salinas said the city could not respond to problems outside the city limits, but once the area was annexed, police would patrol it on a daily basis. Mission police would be able to respond to calls quickly.

When asked about the response for assistance calls, Sanchez said he had called once and it took the sheriff’s office 30 minutes to get there, but that was okay. He did not need services of Mission police.

There will be a second annexation hearing held Nov. 26. Institution of annexation is planned for Dec. 7. The final adoption of annexation will be Jan.14, 2013.

Annexation Tract Descriptions

The area to be annexed includes the following tracts: Tract one includes 65.28 acres of land in lots one through six of block one and lots one through six of block three of Del Monte Orchards Company Subdivision.

Tract one is located south of Business 83 and the railroad tracks and runs south between Scheurbach Road and Scott Lane to the Palmview extraterritorial jurisdiction line.

Tract two includes 95.31 acres of land in lots one, three, five, six, seven and eight of block seven and lots one through four of block nine and the eastern half of block 11, of Del Monte Orchard Company Subdivision.

Tract two starts at a point where Del Oro Subdivision starts on the east side of Scheurbach and moves south on along Scheurbach past the Perezville Drain where it turns west and then moves north and then west again until it hits the Palmview city limits where it moves north east back to the starting point along Schuerbach.

Tract three includes 10 acres of land in lot 18, block three, Mission Grove Estates. It is located at the intersection of W. Griffin Parkway and Moorefield Road.

Tract four includes 97.16 acres of land in lots 26 through 30 of Goodwin Tract No. 3, and lot 22-25 of New Caledonia Unit No.3, which includes lots one through 39 of M.B. Subdivision, lots one through 26 of M/S Subdivision, lots one through 24, North Country Estates No. 2 and Lots one through five of Padron Subdivision.

Tract four starts in the south long Mile 3 Road (FM 1924), It lies between Inspiration Road and Moorefield Road in the south but extends farther north along Inspiration Road.

Tract five includes 77.98 acres of land in lots 15 through 21 of New Caledonia No. 3, which includes lots one through 39 of Happy Place Subdivision, and lots one through 50 of Carlos G. Leal Jr. Subdivision No. 2.

Tract five starts on the southern boundary of Tract four and moves north to the southern boundary of the Acevedo Subdivision along Moorefield Road.

Tract six includes includes 232.92 acres of land including land situated in lots 22-28 and lots 64—67 and lots 72 and 73 of New Caledonia, the south 330 feet of lots 40 and 41 and all of lots 42 through 51 of New Caledonia Unit no. 3. That includes lots one through six of Golden Estates, lots one through 21 of Villa Capri Subdivision, and lots one through 12 of Margot Estates. Other subdivisions included in tract six are lots one and two Mando Ocana Subdivision, Phase II, lot one Tex-Mart N. 43 and lots one and two, Dollar General, Mile 3 Subdivision.

Tract six lies between Moorefield Road west of the Mission city limits to Scheurbach Road with an area in the south that juts to one fourth mile west of La Homa Road just north of the Basham Subdivision.

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