Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Smokin’ Aces Shot Down again

A request for a re-consideration of previous action on a conditional use permit (CUP) for sale and on-site consumption of alcoholic beverages at Smokin’ Aces club met defeat again at the hands of the Mission City Council during their Monday, March 12 meeting.  Smokin’ Aces is located 300 feet west of Taylor Road along the south side of Business 83.

In consideration of the number of police calls to the site and a letter from the apartment complex manager next door recounting the grievances of the people who lived in his apartments about the business, the CUP for alcohol use was revoked.

Mayor Beto Salinas was livid that the request was on the agenda. He asked what the Planning and Zoning board said about the return of the request and was told they had not seen the request. The city manager and the Planning Department had placed the item on the agenda at the request of the club owners.

After the request was presented, a letter from the manager of the apartment complex was read that reiterated the objections of those living in the apartments including loud music, loud noises after hours and drunk club patrons urinating on the lawn of the apartment complex.

“Whoever put this back on the agenda is not going through the proper channels,” He told the audience. He further stated it was “unprofessional” on the part of whoever did it.

City Attorney David Guerra asked to go into executive session to discuss legal issues. However Salinas refused, saying there was no need.

Councilman Leo Olivarez backed up the mayor saying the agenda item had not gone through the proper channels to be heard again at council level.

A vote was taken that resulted in a denial of the request by a vote of three to one.  Norie Garza favored Smokin’ Aces permit being reinstated. Ruben Plata said he was the banker for the club and had to abstain.

Preliminary plat approval of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints chapel to be constructed on the corner of Bryan Road and Mile 2 Road, met with opposition over the size of drainage line that was to be used.

The master plan developed approximately five years ago showed 36-inch lines going north along Bryan Road to accommodate future development, according to City Engineer Roberto Salinas.

Steve Spoor, the architect who developed the plat for the church said only a 24-inch line was needed because when the Mile 2 Line was expanded, it picked up some of the drainage from the north and moved it through the Mile 2 drainage line.

Councilwoman Norie Garza disagreed with Spoor saying the other north-south roads had the 36-inch lines to provide for future development so the city would not have to come back and replace the lines at a later date. There was no reason to make an exception for Bryan Road.

The council approved the preliminary plat with the understanding that the 24-inch line would be upgraded to 36 inches. It was stated that the city could participate in the extra cost of the upgraded line.

In addition to the drainage line the church will be responsible for widening Bryan Road to the minimum 32.5 feet from the centerline of Bryan Road.

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