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20111004 MISSION PARKS HollisRutledge BannworthPark JB 0097Stalled Project: This file photo, taken last September, shows the new gymnasium building at Bannworth Park on Shary Rd. as the project neared completion. Both the gymnasium and the swimming pool at Bannworth remain unfinished today. The city is bringing in a new contractor to finish the project.MISSION – After being on hold since April, Mission Parks and Recreation swimming pool projects are getting re-started with a new contractor hired to finish out the projects. The projects include repairs to the swimming pool at Catholic War Veteran’s Park located on south Mayberry Rd. and the new natatorium at Bannworth Park located on Shary Rd. The original completion date for the projects was September.

Julian Gonzalez, Parks and Recreation Director, said, even though they are happy with the work done by the previous contractor, the jobs were put on hold around April when the city decided they could not give the contractor more time. The contractor was not able to fulfill timeline restrictions. Gonzalez said the city had been very generous when the contractor would ask for more time. It came to a point they had to stop giving those extensions and find another route to get the job completed.

During last week’s city council meeting, the city approved to hire E-Con to finish out the project. The project, which also includes park improvements and new gyms, carries a price tag of $4.3 million.

Gonzalez said the disruption in the construction of the projects would not cost the city any more than the original contracted amount. The previous contractor was paid for his part of the work and E-Con will be paid for the remainder of the work to be done.

Prior to the standstill, the gymnasiums were approximately 95 percent complete and the pools were 85 percent complete. Gonzalez said he looks forward to seeing substantial completion in five to eight weeks. After that, it will be minor details, finishing touches, and going through the locations with their list to make sure everything has been taken care of.

Gonzalez said he is very happy to see the projects restarting and getting ready to see their main purpose put to use.

“They’re very suitable for youth play and youth activities,” Gonzalez said. He said the park improvements are very practical, functional and low maintenance. There will now be pools at either end of town. Mission Boys and Girls Club will also have three gyms for their use and will be open to the public for recreational activities.

“The city’s very anxious to get these projects completed,” he said. “The kids from our community have been waiting for a while.”

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